Towards the Light


For me, UOSM2033 has been more of a learning experience than simply a university module. As it draws to an end, I look back on how this experience has changed my attitude to the online world – for the better.



That’s just a quick snapshot of what some of my key social media accounts look like now. Before I go into details, though, take a quick look at this slideshow, which highlights where I feel I’ve made the most progress during the course of UOSM2033:

Where did I start?

Before the beginning of the UOSM2033 module I considered myself to be a very technology and digital-literate person. I’m active across almost the full range of social media and I love finding the next step towards digital progression. I’d even used social media to create and promote my own content, such as this fieldtrip montage on my YouTube channel:

However, I was quite content to sit back and let this be the extent of my understanding. Why would I need to know more about the online world when I was already such an avid user? The Living and Working on the Web module has allowed – even forced – me to tap into that side of the digital world that I hadn’t even really been aware of, and begin to use the internet to maximise productivity, communication and interaction.

A journey through UOSM2033

This slideshow gives an overview of some of the key features of each topic on my blog:

I started strong on the assessed work, with very positive feedback from Lisa Harris, one of our module coordinators:

I found throughout the module that the most widely-received and thought-provoking of my posts were those that included both interesting forms of media and particularly insightful or contentious opinions. Should I continue blogging – and I certainly hope to do so – I will ensure to make these the foundation of my blogging style and hopefully see the same results that I did during UOSM2033.

Delightfully, each topic also taught me something new about my own social media; I have improved my LinkedIn profile dramatically and now use Twitter for far more relevant and engaging conversation.

Where did I end up?


I would refer to my experience of UOSM2033 as an unprecedented success. I mean this not simply in terms of what I have learned, but also what I’ve been able to create, and the skills I’ve been able to apply in my own experience of the digital world. This infographic breaks down some of the most fascinating stats about my blog:


For me, the most incredible part has been learning the art of blogging, a skill that I hope to embrace and make excellent use of. Not only this, but I’ve significantly improved my online identity professionally and am already reaping the rewards. The fact that I have been able to gain this unique experience purely through online learning is something that I never thought possible, and it proves beyond doubt that digital learning is the future.

A special thank you to our excellent coordinators Lisa Harris, Nic Fair and Sarah Hewitt, and to my fellow bloggers.


Words: 510

All media produced by myself.

Works used:

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