Reflection: Opening Up

Open access is an incredibly broad topic, and one that can incorporate almost every field of media production. I chose to use the music world to give perspective to the main issue that I discussed – open access in academia – and I felt this was effective, although it may have been slightly confusing as I had to explain my comparison to Joe.

Claire wrote one of the better posts that I’ve read over the course of the module this week, taking  a superb chronological and engagingly visual approach to the concept of open access in academia. Her colourful graphic and handy video were backed up by a great structure to the piece and it really demonstrated the effects of what we’ve learned about creating a good blog post during module.

The piece that Gus wrote was slightly more factual than my own, and he managed to find an excellent graph to summarise the crux of the matter. I may have included this in my own post had I been able to find such a graph, but our posts were in different styles so this also could have appeared out of place. It’s become clear that there is a fine line between the productive use of such media and including media just for the sake of it.

I’ve come to understand the importance of effective media in my posts, and the fact that it’s particularly crucial to include my own created media, such as Linkshare presentations, as these can make or break a post. I also discovered last week that it is important to think outside the box, and by adding a musical twist to my post this week I feel I was able to make it stand out from the crowd somewhat.


Click here to read my comments on Gus and Claire‘s posts.


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