Reflection: Professional, not boring

I’ll admit, I approached this week with a sceptical outlook. At first glance, it seemed to me that I would be repeating much of what I said in the last topic, and following a guideline on creating a professional profile that appeared to be predetermined. However, as I progressed through my research and formed my own opinion I began to see ways to inject my own style and spin into the discussion. As it’s clear to see from the comments I received, this approach divided opinion, which is more than I hoped for.

In Topic 2 I learned the merits of effectively using various forms of media to convey my points, and this is a technique I tried to carry forward in hope of embellishing a relatively simple concept. I also added to my own knowledge in my search for relevant media, as there are many aspects of creating the ‘perfect’ professional profile that I hadn’t previously come across.

I learned a great deal from both Tobie and Claire‘s posts this week. Both used excellent self-produced infographics to illustrate and present the data that they quoted, and this is a technique that I certainly expect to use in my own future posts, as I found it to be an excellent way of presenting what may otherwise have been dull or easy-to-overlook data. Claire chose to focus in particular on the ‘authenticity’ aspect of the subject and this is something that I had not covered in as much depth, so I was particularly intrigued to hear her opinions on being truly authentic.

The comments I received on my own work were a fantastic range of praise, opinions and suggestions. It appears that many of my peers interpreted my tendency towards a more reserved approach to online profiles as a rejection of the more social side to the online world, and I was fascinated to hear their opinions on the drawbacks of this. Nicole and Nikhil offered some very passionate responses, and I was relieved that my initial fear of the topic failing to generate discussion were completely refuted.


Clear here to read my comments on Tobie and Claire’s posts.


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